[ per-i-kleez ]

  1. c495–429 b.c., Athenian statesman.

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How to use Pericles in a sentence

  • Hence we cannot wonder, when days of trouble broke over Athens, how that men spoke bitterly of Pericles and all his glory.

  • At this time also lived the great sculptor Phidias, and to him Pericles intrusted the decoration of the new temple.

    Greek Sculpture | Estelle M. Hurll

British Dictionary definitions for Pericles


/ (ˈpɛrɪˌkliːz) /

  1. ?495–429 bc, Athenian statesman and leader of the popular party, who contributed greatly to Athens' political and cultural supremacy in Greece. In power from about 460 bc, he was responsible for the construction of the Parthenon. He conducted the Peloponnesian War (431–404 bc) successfully until his death

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Cultural definitions for Pericles


[ (per-uh-kleez) ]

A statesman of ancient Greece, who tried to unite the country under the leadership of his own city, Athens (see also Athens). Pericles also promoted democracy within Athens. His rule is sometimes known as the Golden Age of Greece. Many magnificent buildings, including the Parthenon, were built under his administration. He led the Athenians at the beginning of the Peloponnesian War but died soon afterward.

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