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[ per-uh-luhs-lee ]


  1. in a way or to a degree that is full of grave risk or peril; dangerously:

    That lighthouse has always been perilously close to the ever-eroding cliffs.

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  • non·per·il·ous·ly adverb
  • un·per·il·ous·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

That’s perilous, because into every life fall challenges that require actual wisdom and hard-won insight.

Now, over 10,000 years later, fossilized footprints reveal that possibly perilous journey.

Almost overnight, Singapore’s perilous food supply became one of the most visible consequences of an otherwise invisible crisis.

Later analysis showed the president’s condition was far more serious than the public — or even Lincoln — knew, and it hit at a time far more perilous for America than now.

From Ozy

It sits in a shipping channel known as the Seymour Narrows, which has infamously perilous tidal currents.

How many Benny Hill scenes involved the creepy, portly man zooming about perilously near an unfathomably stacked woman?

Miraculously, no one died that day, though Deborah Cotton came perilously close.

We think not - especially as William reportedly bowled a 'wild full toss' ball which went perilously close to the royal head.

In the abstract, these harsh truths steer the soul perilously close to selfishness or, worse, Objectivism.

It is an everyplace, thoroughly Irish but perilously vulnerable to changes in the prevailing global winds.

He came perilously near to saying impetuously a hundred things he had determined that he must not say.

"The man knew his place, but you came perilously near making a fool of yourself this morning, my dear," she said.

During these three months there were moments when he felt himself perilously close to the borders of his sanity.

Opportunities were narrowing down rapidly—the canoe was perilously close, and so many of his bullets went astray.

The pinkey came up perilously close; then, just barely in time, sheered off so that its boom almost came aboard the Viking.





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