[ per-uh-nee-uhl ]

  1. Anatomy. of or relating to the perineum, the area extending from the anus to the vulva in the female and to the scrotum in the male:Prenatal perineal massage reduces the amount of tearing a woman experiences during childbirth.

Origin of perineal


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How to use perineal in a sentence

  • At Ido-ido, which is Kuni, the petticoats ceased, and there was only the perineal band.

    The Mafulu | Robert W. Williamson
  • The whole appliance is held in place below by means of perineal tubular rubber bands that connect with the waist-belt behind.

  • The pubic louse usually infests the hairs of the pubis and the perineal region.

    Handbook of Medical Entomology | William Albert Riley
  • The perineal band, made of bark cloth, is the one article of dress which is universally worn by both men and women.

    The Mafulu | Robert W. Williamson
  • The observations as to the subsequent purification in connection with the perineal band ceremony apply to this ceremony also.

    The Mafulu | Robert W. Williamson