[ pur-spuh-rey-shuhn ]
/ ˈpɜr spəˈreɪ ʃən /


a salty, watery fluid secreted by the sweat glands of the skin, especially when very warm as a result of strenuous exertion; sweat.
the act or process of perspiring.



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Origin of perspiration

First recorded in 1605–15, in sense “a breathing through”; 1620–30 for current senses; from New Latin perspīrātiōn- (stem of perspīrātiō) “imperceptible sweating,” literally, “a breathing through.” See perspire, -ation

synonym study for perspiration

1. Perspiration, sweat refer primarily to moisture exuded by animals and people from the pores of the skin. Perspiration is often regarded as the more polite word, and is often used overfastidiously by those who consider sweat coarse; but sweat is a strong word and in some cases obviously more appropriate: a light perspiration; the sweat of his brow. Sweat is always used when referring to animals or objects: Sweat drips from a horse's flanks. It may also be used metaphorically of objects: Sweat forms on apples after they are gathered. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021

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British Dictionary definitions for perspiration

/ (ˌpɜːspəˈreɪʃən) /


the act or process of insensibly eliminating fluid through the pores of the skin, which evaporates immediately
the sensible elimination of fluid through the pores of the skin, which is visible as droplets on the skin
the salty fluid secreted through the pores of the skin; sweat
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Medical definitions for perspiration

[ pûr′spə-rāshən ]


The fluid, consisting of water with small amounts of urea and salts, that is excreted through the pores of the skin by the sweat glands.
The act or process of excreting this fluid through the pores of the skin.

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per•spira•to′ry (pər-spīrə-tôr′ē, pûrspər-ə-) adj.
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