[ purt ]
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adjective,pert·er, pert·est.
  1. boldly forward in speech or behavior; impertinent; saucy.

  2. jaunty and stylish; chic; natty.

  1. lively; sprightly; in good health.

  2. Obsolete. clever.

Origin of pert

1200–50; Middle English, aphetic variant of apert<Old French <Latin apertus open (past participle of aperīre;see aperient); in Middle English and Old French, influenced by Old French aspert<Latin expertusexpert

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  • pertly, adverb
  • pertness, noun

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[ purt ]

  1. a management method of controlling and analyzing a system or program using periodic time and money reports, often computer generated, to determine dollar and labor status at any given time.

Origin of PERT

P(rogram)E(valuation and)R(eview)T(echnique)

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How to use pert in a sentence

  • Before 9/11 and after, George Tenet suffered from pert loquacity.

    Why Panetta Should Stop Talking | Reuel Marc Gerecht | February 4, 2010 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • They were pert and spoiled, untidy and noisy, although handsome and highly bred of feature.

    Ancestors | Gertrude Atherton
  • He looked at Mandleco with immense disdain, gave a pert tilt of his head and surveyed the room with a grimace of distaste.

    We're Friends, Now | Henry Hasse
  • “It is, young man, and my name is Susan,” was the quick reply; some people might have called it pert.

    Digby Heathcote | W.H.G. Kingston
  • Hardly had the quarryman pronounced these words when the door flew open, and a young and attractive woman entered with a pert air.

  • I'll fix you up for the rest of the day, but won't answer for your feeling pert to-morrow.

    The Girl From Keller's | Harold Bindloss

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/ (pɜːt) /

  1. saucy, impudent, or forward

  2. jaunty: a pert little hat

  1. obsolete clever or brisk

Origin of pert

C13: variant of earlier apert, from Latin apertus open, from aperīre to open; influenced by Old French aspert, from Latin expertus expert

Derived forms of pert

  • pertly, adverb
  • pertness, noun

British Dictionary definitions for PERT (2 of 2)


/ (pɜːt) /

n acronym for
  1. programme evaluation and review technique

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