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[ puh-roo-zuhl ]


  1. a reading:

    a perusal of the current books.

  2. the act of perusing; survey; scrutiny:

    A more careful perusal yields this conclusion.

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Other Words From

  • prepe·rusal adjective
  • repe·rusal noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of perusal1

First recorded in 1590–1600; peruse + -al 2

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Example Sentences

One thing that struck me during my voyeuristic perusal of the various tales of carnage from last week’s marathons was the way many people who’d had a rough day nevertheless sounded reassuringly upbeat.

Viewing chairs on a slowly rotating platform allow a comfortable, neck-relaxed perusal.

Any casual perusal of MSNBC or The New York Times reflects this bias.

[A] quick perusal of Hagel's syllabi reveals a far deeper concern: Hagel is addicted to... hackery.

Here's a Kaiser Family Foundation paper on the subject for your further perusal.

A year later, casual perusal of HGTV and design catalogues indicates that the rich are indeed moving away from stainless.

But a perusal of the code shows employees ignored protections already in place.

By a “single” or “one reading,” I mean a single careful perusal in conformity to the requirements of my System.

What you send in a letter, is, as a general rule, intended for the perusal of one person only.

Should you bestow upon my letter a fair and impartial perusal, it will neither be useless to you nor to my country.

We can conscientiously recommend 'Neutronics,' by Dr. Napier, to the careful perusal of our invalid readers.

The same sort of abstraction attended my perusal of other things, except, occasionally, a few passages of scripture.