/ pəˈruːvɪən /


  1. of or relating to Peru or its inhabitants


  1. a native or inhabitant of Peru
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Example Sentences

Van der Sloot said that the “unexpected transfer may affect my mental health,” according to Peruvian press reports.

A Peruvian court subsequently convicted him of smuggling $150,000 out of the country and he was given a two-year prison sentence.

The CIA directed a source in the Peruvian Investigations Police to pursue the lead.

He hung rare masks from Papua New Guinea above embroidered Peruvian pillows, and somehow the combination made sense.

The first search and rescue mission mapped an effort to find two friends who had gone missing while hiking in the Peruvian Andes.

He was a companion of Pizarro in his Peruvian expedition, and amassed great wealth; after which he became governor of Cuba.

An officer in the Venezuelan and the Peruvian services was fortunately nigh the banks of the river, shooting wild pigs.

Hence an important difference between Peruvian guano and most other varieties.

Peruvian guano is most advantageously applied as a top-dressing to young corn and particularly to oats.

Peruvian guano is more stimulating than either, and makes a light-colored, thin leaf.





PerutzPeruvian balsam