verb (used with object), per·vad·ed, per·vad·ing.

to become spread throughout all parts of: Spring pervaded the air.

Origin of pervade

1645–55; < Latin pervādere to pass through, equivalent to per- per- + vādere to go, walk
Related formsper·vad·er, nounper·vad·ing·ly, adverbper·vad·ing·ness, nounper·va·sion [per-vey-zhuhn] /pərˈveɪ ʒən/, nounper·va·sive [per-vey-siv] /pərˈveɪ sɪv/, adjectivein·ter·per·vade, verb (used with object), in·ter·per·vad·ed, in·ter·per·vad·ing.un·per·vad·ed, adjectiveun·per·vad·ing, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for pervasion



(tr) to spread through or throughout, esp subtly or gradually; permeate
Derived Formspervader, nounpervasion (pɜːˈveɪʒən), noun

Word Origin for pervade

C17: from Latin pervādere, from per- through + vādere to go
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Word Origin and History for pervasion



1650s, from Latin pervadere "spread or go through," from per- "through" + vadere "to go" (see vamoose). Related: Pervaded; pervading.

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