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[ per-vey-siv-nis ]


  1. the condition or state of being spread throughout something or somewhere:

    Health authorities have underestimated the pervasiveness of serious influenza cases in the city because only patients admitted to intensive care units are considered severe.

    With the growing pervasiveness of the internet, more and more people are searching for and purchasing goods online.

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Other Words From

  • in·ter·per·va·sive·ness noun
  • non·per·va·sive·ness noun
  • un·per·va·sive·ness noun
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Example Sentences

It is existential, precognitive and pervasive, as fully present in how we conceive of beauty as it is in the assumptions we make about that driver who just cut us off while swerving between lanes.

There is this pervasive idea in the United States, but also elsewhere, that people who make less money have more time.

While play-action surely isn’t the entire explanation for Allen’s improvement in accuracy, it points toward something more pervasive.

When she became CEO in 2011, she realized a combination of pervasive low interest rates and technological change was going to drive huge disruption for her company and her employees.

From Fortune

Cosmologists know that there’s an invisible something holding the universe together, a substance as pervasive as the pre-Einsteinian aether, and just as poorly understood.


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