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[pey-soh; Spanish pe-saw]
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noun, plural pe·sos [pey-sohz; Spanish pe-saws] /ˈpeɪ soʊz; Spanish ˈpɛ sɔs/.
  1. a coin and monetary unit of Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Guinea-Bissau, Mexico, and the Philippines, equal to 100 centavos.
  2. a coin and monetary unit of Uruguay, equal to 100 centesimos.
  3. a former monetary unit of Argentina, equal to 100 centavos: replaced by the austral in 1985.
  4. a former silver coin of Spain and Spanish America, equal to eight reals; dollar; piece of eight; piaster.
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Origin of peso

< Spanish: literally, weight < Latin pēnsum something weighed, noun use of neuter of pēnsus, past participle of pendere to weigh
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noun plural -sos (-səʊz, Spanish -sos)
  1. the standard monetary unit, comprising 100 centavos, of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the Philippines; formerly also of Guinea-Bissau, where it was replaced by the CFA franc
  2. the standard monetary unit of Uruguay, divided into 100 centesimos
  3. another name for piece of eight
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Word Origin

C16: from Spanish: weight, from Latin pēnsum something weighed out, from pendere to weigh
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Word Origin and History for peso


"Spanish coin," 1550s, from Spanish peso, literally "a weight," from Latin pensum, properly past participle of pendere "to hang, to cause to hang" (see pendant).

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