[ pes-tl-ot-see; Italian pes-tah-lawt-tsee ]

  1. Johann Hein·rich [German yoh-hahn hahyn-rikh], /German ˈyoʊ hɑn ˈhaɪn rɪx/, 1746–1827, Swiss educational reformer.

Other words from Pestalozzi

  • Pes·ta·loz·zi·an, adjective, noun
  • Pes·ta·loz·zi·an·ism, noun

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How to use Pestalozzi in a sentence

  • A certain Mr. Henry Thomas conducted it according to the principle of mutual instruction associated with the name of Pestalozzi.

    The English Stage | Augustin Filon
  • Pestalozzi made use of them; and the celebrated Melancthon confesses that without them he would have learned nothing.

    Bouvard and Pcuchet, part 2 | Gustave Flaubert
  • Pestalozzi held that the child belonged to the family; Fichte on the other hand, claimed it for society and the State.

  • Pestalozzi married at twenty-three a woman older than himself, on whom he thereafter relied in all his troubles.

  • Urged on by his love for the children, Pestalozzi took in a larger number, and in a very short time found himself bankrupt.

British Dictionary definitions for Pestalozzi


/ (ˌpɛstəˈlɒtsɪ) /

  1. Johann Heinrich (joˈhan ˈhainrɪç). 1746–1827, Swiss educational reformer. His emphasis on learning by observation exerted a wide influence on elementary education

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