[ pes-tl-uh nt ]
/ ˈpɛs tl ənt /


producing or tending to produce infectious or contagious, often epidemic, disease; pestilential.
destructive to life; deadly; poisonous.
injurious to peace, morals, etc.; pernicious.
troublesome, annoying, or mischievous.

Origin of pestilent

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin pestilent- (stem of pestilēns) unhealthy, noxious, alteration of pestilentus, equivalent to pesti- (stem of pestis) pest + -lentus -lent

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British Dictionary definitions for pestilent

/ (ˈpɛstɪlənt) /


annoying; irritating
highly destructive morally or physically; pernicious
infected with or likely to cause epidemic or infectious disease

Derived forms of pestilent

pestilently, adverb

Word Origin for pestilent

C15: from Latin pestilens unwholesome, from pestis plague
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