[pe-truh l]


British. gasoline.
Archaic. petroleum.

verb (used with object), pet·rolled, pet·rol·ling.

British. to clean with gasoline.

Origin of petrol

1590–1600; < Middle French petrole < Medieval Latin petroleum petroleum

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any one of various volatile flammable liquid mixtures of hydrocarbons, mainly hexane, heptane, and octane, obtained from petroleum and used as a solvent and a fuel for internal-combustion engines. Usually petrol also contains additives such as antiknock compounds and corrosion inhibitorsUS and Canadian name: gasoline

Word Origin for petrol

C16: via French from Medieval Latin petroleum


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Word Origin and History for petrol

"gasoline," 1895, from French pétrol (1892); earlier used (1580s) in reference to the unrefined substance, from Middle French petrole "petroleum," from Old French (13c.), from Medieval Latin petroleum (see petroleum).

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