[ pyoo-ter ]
/ ˈpyu tər /
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any of various alloys in which tin is the chief constituent, originally one of tin and lead.
a container or utensil made of such an alloy.
such utensils collectively: a revival of interest in pewter.
British Slang.
  1. a cup awarded as a prize or trophy, as in a sporting event.
  2. prize money (def. 2).
consisting or made of pewter: a pewter mug.
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Origin of pewter

1325–75; Middle English pewtre<Middle French peutre<Vulgar Latin *piltrum; perhaps akin to spelter
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How to use pewter in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for pewter

/ (ˈpjuːtə) /

  1. any of various alloys containing tin (80–90 per cent), lead (10–20 per cent), and sometimes small amounts of other metals, such as copper and antimony
  2. (as modifier)pewter ware; a pewter tankard
  1. a bluish-grey colour
  2. (as adjective)pewter tights
plate or kitchen utensils made from pewter

Derived forms of pewter

pewterer, noun

Word Origin for pewter

C14: from Old French peaultre, of obscure origin; related to Old Provençal peltre pewter
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