[ pey-oh-tee; Spanish pe-yaw-te ]
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noun,plural pe·yo·tes [pey-oh-teez; Spanish pe-yaw-tes]. /peɪˈoʊ tiz; Spanish pɛˈyɔ tɛs/.
  1. (in Mexico) any of several cacti related to or resembling mescal.

Origin of peyote

1840–50, Americanism;<Mexican Spanish <Nahuatl peyotl

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How to use peyote in a sentence

  • In the United States they are called mescal buttons, and in Mexico peyote.

  • peyote, the dried fruit of a small cactus, the use of which was only known in the old days to a few of the Medicine Men.

    The Trail Book | Mary Austin
  • He says he leads you into safety; I say he leads you into the worst danger any living man can imagine—even in peyote dreams!

    The Defiant Agents | Andre Alice Norton

British Dictionary definitions for peyote


/ (peɪˈəʊtɪ, pɪ-) /

  1. another name for mescal (def. 1)

Origin of peyote

Mexican Spanish, from Nahuatl peyotl

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