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[fen-ig; German pfen-ikh]
noun, plural pfen·nigs, pfen·ni·ge [German pfen-i-guh] /German ˈpfɛn ɪ gə/.
  1. a copper-coated iron coin and monetary unit of Germany until the euro was adopted, the 100th part of a Deutsche mark.
  2. (formerly) a minor coin and monetary unit of East Germany, the 100th part of an ostmark.
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Origin of pfennig

1540–50; < German: penny
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Historical Examples

  • One pfennig is one-hundredth of a mark, and the mark once was equal to 23.8 cents.

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    William H. Ukers

  • I had not a pfennig to spend and nothing of any value to sell.

  • A mark is 23.82 of our cents; and a pfennig is one-hundredth of a mark.

  • You just say such things because I owe you seventeen pfennig.

  • Pfennig, pfen′ig, n. a German copper coin, the hundredth part of a mark.

British Dictionary definitions for pfennig


noun plural -nigs or -nige (German -nɪɡə )
  1. a former German monetary unit worth one hundredth of a Deutschmark
  2. (formerly) a monetary unit worth one hundredth of an East German ostmark
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Word Origin

German: penny
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