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[fey-ahy-noh-pep-luh, fey-uh-]
  1. a crested passerine bird, Phainopepla nitens, of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.
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Origin of phainopepla

< New Latin, equivalent to Greek phaín(ein) to give light, shine + -o- -o- + New Latin -pepla, feminine derivative of Greek péplos peplos; see -a2
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Historical Examples of phainopepla

  • In the family, Phainopepla and Phainoptila show the least flaring in this region.

    Phylogeny of the Waxwings and Allied Birds

    M. Dale Arvey

  • Dchūrr, dchūrr; when flying, a shrill huit like call-note of Phainopepla.

  • It may be seen that in Bombycilla and in Phainopepla, the tracts are much shortened.

  • The phainopepla is a beautiful fellow, with an elegant pointed crest, and plumage shining like satin.

    The Children's Book of Birds

    Olive Thorne Miller

  • Phainopepla has various call notes, and in addition, a succession of notes which are run together.