[ fal-uhn-ster-ee ]

noun,plural phal·an·ster·ies.
  1. (in Fourierism)

    • the buildings occupied by a phalanx.

    • the community itself.

  2. any similar association, or the buildings they occupy.

Origin of phalanstery

1840–50; <French phalanstère, blend of phalangephalanx and monastèremonastery

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How to use phalanstery in a sentence

  • Is the phalanstery to be prohibited from capitalizing and lending at interest?

    What is Property? | P. J. Proudhon
  • This system, with some peculiar additions and embellishments, is the idea of the phalanstery.

    What is Property? | P. J. Proudhon
  • To put up the phalanstery was the biggest job undertaken by the community and it taxed all available resources to the last dollar.

    My Friends at Brook Farm | John Van Der Zee Sears
  • The men of the phalanstery were less careful to conceal their emotions than we old-time folks in these early centuries.

    Strange Stories | Grant Allen
  • Society would harmoniously be organised in groups (phalanxes) of 1,600 persons to inhabit a large palace called a phalanstery.

    British Socialism | J. Ellis Barker

British Dictionary definitions for phalanstery


/ (ˈfælənstərɪ, -strɪ) /

nounplural -steries
  1. (in Fourierism)

    • buildings occupied by a phalanx

    • a community represented by a phalanx

  2. any similar association or the buildings occupied by such an association

Origin of phalanstery

C19: from French phalanstère, from phalange phalanx, on the model of monastère monastery

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