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How to use Phe in a sentence

  • Perhaps so; I am waiting for my Phe-a-ton, which my faellow is to bring down,—tauking a little tour.

    Night and Morning, Complete | Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  • When I whistled their well-known Phe-be note they were at once on the alert, and evidently expected to be fed.

  • Chickadee-dee, liquid gurgles and chuckling notes and a sweet, clearly whistled, Phe-be or Phe-be-e.

  • Al´-Phe-ratz or (al-fe-rats´), α Andromedæ, "the head of the woman in chains."

    A Field Book of the Stars | William Tyler Olcott
  • Phe-re-phat´ta.Name given to Persephone, or Proserpina, 183.

    Myths of Greece and Rome | H. A. Guerber