[ fen-uh-zeen, -zin ]
/ ˈfɛn əˌzin, -zɪn /

noun Chemistry.

a yellow, crystalline, slightly water-soluble solid, C12H8N2, used in organic synthesis chiefly in the manufacture of dyes.

Origin of phenazine

First recorded in 1895–1900; phen- + azine
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British Dictionary definitions for phenazine

/ (ˈfɛnəˌziːn) /


a yellow crystalline tricyclic compound that is the parent compound of many azine dyes and some antibiotics. Formula: C 6 H 4 N 2 C 6 H 4

Word Origin for phenazine

C19: from pheno- + azine
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Scientific definitions for phenazine

[ fĕnə-zēn′ ]

Any of a class of organic compounds containing two benzene rings joined to each other by an inner benzene ring in which two of the carbon atoms have been replaced by nitrogen atoms. Phenazines are a type of pyrazine, and are used especially in making dyes and in pharmaceuticals.
The simplest of this class of compounds. It forms yellow crystals and is used to make dyes. Chemical formula: C12H8N2.
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