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  1. Ambrose, 1675?–1749, English poet and dramatist.

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It isn’t clear, for example, how many of its 3,000-plus employees received Philips’s memo, or whether the order applies to the big-name national voices it syndicates to stations across the country as well as its many local hosts.

You’ll soon see the Philips is one of our favorite beard trimmer brands, so we also suggest you check out more of their products to find what’s right for you.

Now, a growing movement of medical professionals, public health policy experts and major firms like Philips are arguing for an alternative model of value-based care, where patients pay for an outcome rather than a particular procedure.

From Ozy

The very first air fryer was invented by a marketing manager at Philips, which continues to offer one of the best available fryers on the market.

I also don’t expect Philips to drop support for the Hue line or go out of business any time soon.

And in Europe, the European Network of Robotic Research is collaborating with companies such as Philips and the ABB Group.

Meade is an accomplished showjumper and is also friends with Zara Philips.

After a five-year tenure, Peter Philips has stepped down from his title as creative director of Chanel makeup.

Check out this fabulous new advert for Landrover featuring the Queen's grandaughter Zara Philips.

The Telegraph: Royal horsewoman Zara Philips still in contention for a medal with the UK's equestrian team in dressage.

The customers and loungers soon grew to like Gentleman Philips, as he was styled in the establishment.

But that divine restfulness of various green was, somehow less to Philips mind than the shouting colours of the sunlit fields.

Ah, that is Philips plan, said his mother, delighted to be able to refer the inquisitor to another source.

Philips habit of considering business letters led him to pause.

Philips weary eyes looked round on the garden and the low, thatched house where dinner was already being laid in the verandah.





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