[ fil-uh-den-druh n ]
/ ˌfɪl əˈdɛn drən /


a tropical American climbing plant belonging to the genus Philodendron, of the arum family, usually having smooth, shiny, evergreen leaves, often used as an ornamental houseplant.

Origin of philodendron

1875–80; < New Latin < Greek, noun use of neuter of philódendros fond of trees, in reference to its climbing habit. See philo-, -dendron Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for philodendron


/ (ˌfɪləˈdɛndrən) /

noun plural -drons or -dra (-drə)

any aroid evergreen climbing plant of the tropical American genus Philodendron: cultivated as house plants

Word Origin for philodendron

C19: New Latin from Greek: lover of trees
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Word Origin and History for philodendron



1837, from the Modern Latin genus name (1830), from Greek philodendron, neuter of philodendros "loving trees," from philo- "loving" (see philo-) + dendron "tree" (see dendro-). The plant so called because it clings to trees.

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