[fahy-moh-sis, fi-]

noun, plural phi·mo·ses [fahy-moh-seez, fi-] /faɪˈmoʊ siz, fɪ-/. Pathology.

constriction of the orifice of the prepuce so as to prevent the foreskin from being drawn back to uncover the glans penis.
a similar condition involving the clitoris.
narrowness of the vagina.

Origin of phimosis

1665–75; < New Latin phīmōsis < Greek phīmṓsis literally, a muzzling, equivalent to phīmō-, verbid stem of phīmoûn to muzzle + -sis -sis
Related formsphi·mot·ic [fahy-mot-ik, fi-] /faɪˈmɒt ɪk, fɪ-/, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for phimotic



abnormal tightness of the foreskin, preventing its being retracted over the tip of the penis

Word Origin for phimosis

C17: via New Latin from Greek: a muzzling, from phimos a muzzle
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Word Origin and History for phimotic



1670s, from Greek phimosis, literally "muzzling," from phimos "a muzzle."

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Medicine definitions for phimotic


[fī-mŏtĭk, fĭ-]


Relating to phimosis.


[fī-mōsĭs, fĭ-]

n. pl. phi•mo•ses (-sēz)

An abnormal constriction of the foreskin that prevents it from being drawn back to uncover the glans penis.
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