[ fahy-moh-sis, fi- ]

noun,plural phi·mo·ses [fahy-moh-seez, fi-]. /faɪˈmoʊ siz, fɪ-/. Pathology.
  1. constriction of the orifice of the prepuce so as to prevent the foreskin from being drawn back to uncover the glans penis.

  2. a similar condition involving the clitoris.

  1. narrowness of the vagina.

Origin of phimosis

1665–75; <New Latin phīmōsis<Greek phīmṓsis literally, a muzzling, equivalent to phīmō-, verbid stem of phīmoûn to muzzle + -sis-sis

Other words from phimosis

  • phi·mot·ic [fahy-mot-ik, fi-], /faɪˈmɒt ɪk, fɪ-/, adjective

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How to use phimosis in a sentence

  • Soft sores are often complicated by phimosis and balanitis, and they frequently lead to infection of the glands in the groin.

    Manual of Surgery | Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles
  • All cases of phimosis should be operated upon in infancy, by complete or partial circumcision.

    The Sexual Question | August Forel
  • phimosis, or narrowness of the opening of the prepuce is nearly always of embryonic origin.

    The Sexual Question | August Forel
  • A remedy which is almost always successful in small boys is circumcision, especially when there is any degree of phimosis.

    Plain Facts for Old and Young | John Harvey Kellogg
  • phimosis is an ancient attendant on our inheritance of the prepuce, we being, in fact, born with it; this is the rule.

British Dictionary definitions for phimosis


/ (faɪˈməʊsɪs) /

  1. abnormal tightness of the foreskin, preventing its being retracted over the tip of the penis

Origin of phimosis

C17: via New Latin from Greek: a muzzling, from phimos a muzzle

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