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[fin-ee-uh s, fahy-nyoos]
noun Classical Mythology.
  1. a brother of Cepheus who was not brave enough to rescue his betrothed Andromeda from a sea monster and who was eventually turned to stone.
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Historical Examples of phineus

  • It was Phineus, he who had been betrothed to Andromeda, yet who had not dared to strike a blow for her rescue.

    A Book of Myths

    Jean Lang

  • So Phineus shared the doom of his followers and was turned to stone.

  • Nor did they know the cause till Phineus expounded it to them.

    Stories of the Old world

    Alfred John Church

  • In such affairs we may have the origin of the story of the Harpies at the court of Phineus.

  • Then in the mansion all their comrades were joyful at the tidings and so was Phineus himself.

    The Argonautica

    Apollonius Rhodius