[ fohn-l-oj-i-kuhl, fon- ]
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  1. of or relating to phonology, the study of the distribution and patterning of speech sounds in languages generally:The course covers phonological processes such as vowel harmony, voicing, syllabication, and the placement of stress.

  2. of or relating to the inventory of sounds, and the patterns governing them, in a specific language:I’m not used to this sound and don’t know how to pronounce it, as it doesn’t exist in my native English phonological system.

Origin of phonological

  • Rarely pho·no·log·ic [fohn-l-oj-ik, fon-] /ˌfoʊn lˈɒdʒ ɪk, ˌfɒn-/ .

Other words from phonological

  • pho·no·log·i·cal·ly, adverb

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