[ si-man-tik ]
/ sɪˈmæn tɪk /


of, relating to, or arising from the different meanings of words or other symbols: semantic change; semantic confusion.
of or relating to semantics.
Sometimes se·man·ti·cal.

Origin of semantic

1655–65; < Greek sēmantikós having meaning, equivalent to sēmant(ós) marked (sēman-, base of sēmaínein to show, mark + -tos verbal adjective suffix; akin to sêma sign) + -ikos -ic

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/ (sɪˈmæntɪk) /


of or relating to meaning or arising from distinctions between the meanings of different words or symbols
of or relating to semantics
logic concerned with the interpretation of a formal theory, as when truth tables are given as an account of the sentential connectives

Derived forms of semantic

semantically, adverb

Word Origin for semantic

C19: from Greek sēmantikos having significance, from sēmainein to signify, from sēma a sign
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