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or fi·lo

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noun Greek and Middle Eastern Cookery.
  1. flaky, tissue-thin layers of pastry used in baked desserts and appetizers.
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Origin of phyllo

1945–50; < Modern Greek phýllo(n) literally, leaf; see phyllo-


  1. a combining form meaning “leaf,” used in the formation of compound words: phyllopod.
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Also phyll-, -phyll.

Origin of phyllo-

< Greek, combining form of phýllon
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Related Words

cake, doughnut, bread, croissant, pie, phyllo, delicacy, dainty, tart, Danish, strudel, patisserie, turnover, panettone

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British Dictionary definitions for phyllo


  1. a variant of filo
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Word Origin

C20: from Greek: leaf


before a vowel phyll-

combining form
  1. leafphyllopod
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Word Origin

from Greek phullon leaf
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Word Origin and History for phyllo


before vowels phyll-, word-forming element meaning "leaf," from Greek phyllo-, comb. form of phyllon "leaf" (see folio).

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