[French pee-kar]


Au·guste [French oh-gyst] /French oʊˈgüst/, 1884–1962, Swiss physicist, aeronaut, inventor, and deep-sea explorer: designer of bathyscaphes.
his sonJacques [zhahk] /ʒɑk/, 1922–2008, Swiss oceanographer and bathyscaphe designer, born in Belgium.
Jean Fé·lix [zhahn fey-leeks] /ʒɑ̃ feɪˈliks/, 1884–1963, U.S. chemist and aeronautical engineer, born in Switzerland (brother of Auguste).

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  • For the next 52 years, Walsh and Piccard were also the only explorers to reach the very bottom of the ocean.

  • In The Explorer Gene, science writer Tom Cheshire presents a fascinating cross-section of Piccard family history.

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  • Piccard's results showed that both curvatures occurred and he concluded that the sensitive region is not confined to the tip.

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Auguste (oɡyst). 1884–1962, Swiss physicist, whose study of cosmic rays led to his pioneer balloon ascents in the stratosphere (1931–32)
his twin brother, Jean Félix (ʒɑ̃ feliks). 1884–1963, US chemist and aeronautical engineer, born in Switzerland, noted for his balloon ascent into the stratosphere (1934)
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