pick out

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verb (tr, adverb)
to select for use or special consideration, illustration, etc, as from a group
to distinguish (an object from its surroundings), as in paintingshe picked out the woodwork in white
to perceive or recognize (a person or thing previously obscured)we picked out his face among the crowd
to distinguish (sense or meaning) from or as if from a mass of detail or complication
to play (a tune) tentatively, by or as if by ear
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pick out


Choose, select, as in She picked out the best piece of fabric. [Early 1500s]


Distinguish, discern from one's surroundings, as in They managed to pick out their mother from the crowd. [Mid-1500s]


Identify the notes of a tune and play it on an instrument, as in When she was four she could pick out folk songs on the piano. [Late 1800s]

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