[ pik-uhnz ]


  1. Andrew, 1739–1817, American Revolutionary general.
  2. Fort. Fort Pickens.

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Example Sentences

Located near the northern town of Pickens, you feel like you’re really getting away.

That group is led by Lorri Pickens, a former AFP national director of state operations.

Toward the end, on the ballad “Someone Else,” she flies over the crowd while straddling a giant hot dog like Slim Pickens.

He helped corporate raiders such as T. Boone Pickens and Ron Perelman win deals.

The only people who still had courage to fight were a few patriots led by such heroes as Mri-on, Sumter, and Pickens.

As soon as Col. Pickens heard of it he immediately visited his opponent and offered him any assistance within his power.

"Of course the officers of Fort Pickens are on the lookout for the saucy little craft," added Mr. Blowitt.

No part of the island was inhabited, or even occupied, except Fort Pickens and a Union camp.

"To keep the people at Fort Pickens from sending out any armed force," replied the intelligent contraband.