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/ ˈpɪkɪŋz /

plural noun

  1. sometimes singular money, profits, etc, acquired easily or by more or less dishonest means; spoils

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Example Sentences

And the rest of the field is pretty slim pickings, Jeb included.

“The pickings were kind of slim for Reagan,” recalls Pitney.

And in most cases, when a centrist Democrat retires, his or her seat is ripe pickings for Republicans.

Tea Partiers looking for a third-party candidate to cast a protest vote are left with slim pickings.

The terrain is mucky, and the pickings are slim; patience and boredom are a part of the hunt.

He was in no shape to do anything, and unless he managed to find food and drink pretty soon, he would be easy pickings for IC.

We endeavoured to get cookhouse jobs for the pickings to be had, but could not do so.

The small pickings left over and above, namely nine first prizes and twelve second, were shared by Alwida and Iernia respectively.

Pickings put three balls precisely into the bubbling water, and drew alongside on his eighth shot.

At the same moment, Pickings and Booverman, as though carried off by the same cannon-ball, flattened on the green.