[ pahy-feyst ]
/ ˈpaɪˌfeɪst /

adjective Informal.

having a broad, flat face and, sometimes, a vacuous or stupid expression.

Origin of pie-faced

First recorded in 1910–15
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Examples from the Web for pie-faced

  • “Pull out there, you red-headed, pie-faced jay,” he shouted to the astonished young woman.

  • The pie-faced nurse was gone; or at least I didn't see her anywhere; and the change in Mrs. Sheila sort of made me gasp.

    The Wreckers|Francis Lynde
  • But what we got out of that pie-faced Nimms of Penrhyn's wasn't worth taking notes of.

    Torchy and Vee|Sewell Ford
  • The pie-faced lady he is talking to was, she asserts, Mary Queen of Scots in a previous existence.

    More Trivia|Logan Pearsall Smith