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pièce de résistance

[pyes duh rey-zee-stahns; English pee-es duh ri-zee-stahns]
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noun, plural pièces de ré·sis·tance [pyes duh rey-zee-stahns; English pee-es duh ri-zee-stahns] /pyɛs də reɪ ziˈstɑ̃s; English piˈɛs də rɪ ziˈstɑns/. French.
  1. the principal dish of a meal.
  2. the most noteworthy or prized feature, aspect, event, article, etc., of a series or group; special item or attraction.
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achievement, centerpiece, feat, feature, highlight, jewel, masterpiece, masterwork, prize, showpiece, specialty

British Dictionary definitions for piece de resistance

pièce de résistance

  1. the principal or most outstanding item in a series or creative artist's work
  2. the main dish of a meal
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Word Origin for pièce de résistance

lit: piece of resistance
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Word Origin and History for piece de resistance


1831, from French pièce de résistance, originally "the most substantial dish in a meal." Lit. "piece of resistance;" there seems to be disagreement as to the exact signification.

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