[ pahy-er-i-deez ]

plural nounClassical Mythology.
  1. the Muses.

  2. nine Thessalian maidens who challenged the Muses to a singing contest, lost, and were changed into magpies for insulting the victors.

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How to use Pierides in a sentence

  • The same thing happened since to the Pierides; so much has fable always imitated sacred history.

    Voltaire's Romances | Franois-Marie Arouet
  • The coupling often takes place in the air; thus among Pierides.

  • His own enrolled unrhythmical bardic troops (humorous mercenaries when Celts) do his trumpeting best, and offend not the Pierides.

  • The nine daughters of Pierus, king of Emathia, were called Pierides.

    Voltaire's Romances | Franois-Marie Arouet

British Dictionary definitions for Pierides


/ (paɪˈɪərɪˌdiːz) /

pl nGreek myth
  1. the Muses: See Muse

  2. nine maidens of Thessaly, who were defeated in a singing contest by the Muses and turned into magpies for their effrontery

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