1. any plant of a genus, Pieris, of American and Asiatic shrubs, esp P. formosa forrestii, grown for the bright red colour of its young foliage: family Ericaceae

Word Origin for pieris

New Latin, from Greek Pierides, a name for the Muses
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Historical Examples of pieris

  • You ask what I think about the gay-coloured females of Pieris.

  • Among these was a new species, which I have named Pieris tamar.

    The Malay Archipelago

    Alfred Russell Wallace

  • A second brood of Colias Philodice, the common sulphur-yellow butterfly, appears, and Pieris oleracea visits turnip-patches.

    Our Common Insects

    Alpheus Spring Packard

  • The Pieris, on its part, takes good care not to touch the tithymals: they would endanger its life.

    More Hunting Wasps

    J. Henri Fabre

  • The man who was the first to see his cabbage-plot devastated by caterpillars made the acquaintance of the Pieris.

    More Hunting Wasps

    J. Henri Fabre