or pig·gie


noun, plural pig·gies.

a small or young pig.

adjective, pig·gi·er, pig·gi·est.

Informal. piggish.
(of a sow) in an advanced state of pregnancy.

Origin of piggy

1790–1800; (def 1) pig1 + -y2; (defs 2, 3) pig1 + -y1
Related formspig·gi·ness, noun
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noun plural -gies

a child's word for a pig, esp a piglet
piggy in the middle
  1. a children's game in which one player attempts to retrieve a ball thrown over him or her by at least two other players
  2. a situation in which a person or group is caught up in a disagreement between other people or groups
a child's word for toe or, sometimes, finger

adjective -gier or -giest

another word for piggish
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Word Origin and History for piggy

"resembling a pig," 1841, from pig (n.) + -y (2).


"a little pig," 1799, from pig (n.) + -y (3). Related: Piggies. Piggy bank attested from 1941 (pig bank from 1937).

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