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  1. a pen for keeping pigs.

  2. a filthy or untidy place: This kitchen is a pigpen.

Origin of pigpen

First recorded in 1795–1805; pig1 + pen2

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How to use pigpen in a sentence

  • In any case, it accommodated pigpen very nicely; he was indeed one far-out gentleman, no doubt about it, none at all.

  • As a matter of fact, she no sooner got access to the barnyard than she deserted the pigpen altogether.

  • Yes, but jest 'cause a man don't want to live in a pigpen it ain't no sign he wants to be put under a glass case.

    Cap'n Eri | Joseph Crosby Lincoln
  • You remember I told you that day when we first explored this place that old Laban Eldredge had this pigpen built.

    Thankful's Inheritance | Joseph C. Lincoln
  • One day when Grunty Pig was at home, in the pigpen, a squeaky voiced piped "Good morning!"

    The Tale of Grunty Pig | Arthur Scott Bailey
  • To one side of the pigpen, if there is room, is placed the rice mortar, an article of indispensable necessity in every household.

    The Manbos of Mindano | John M. Garvan

British Dictionary definitions for pigpen


/ (ˈpɪɡˌpɛn) /

nounUS and Canadian
  1. a pen for pigs; sty

  2. a dirty or untidy place

  • Also called: pigsty

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