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pile up


  1. to gather or be gathered in a pile; accumulate
  2. informal.
    to crash or cause to crash


  1. informal.
    a multiple collision of vehicles
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Example Sentences

Damning evidence began to pile up: video coverage, wiretapped conversations, a pair of wine-soaked jeans, a confession.

Nonetheless, the accumulated costs of senseless mass shootings pile up, demanding our attention.

While not in any way true, a higher debt ceiling sounds like a green light to pile up more debt.

As the scandals pile up, the press keeps finding excuses for the president, writes Stuart Stevens.

Like the obscure car crash that sparked the first intifada in 1987, the BetterPlace pile-up is more than a traffic accident.

In winter they dig holes, and pile up the earth in heaps, like moles, at the mouths of the openings.

Still he struggled along and managed to pile up a good deal of copy in the course of weeks.

Annesley thought, ashamed because it was so easy to believe bad things of the Countess, and to pile up one upon another.

Then she began to pile up the dishes, but, after a few futile movements, sat down in a chair and cried again.

The Ghost's jib and mainsail were set, and with the wind on her port quarter she began to pile up the foam under her bow.