[ pil-yuh n ]
/ ˈpɪl yən /


a pad or cushion attached behind a saddle, especially as a seat for a woman.
a pad, cushion, saddle, or the like, used as a passenger seat on a bicycle, motor scooter, etc.
a passenger's saddle or seat behind the driver's seat on a motorcycle.


Origin of pillion

1495–1505; < Scots Gaelic pillinn or Irish pillín, diminutive of peall skin, rug blanket, MIr pell < Latin pellis skin
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/ (ˈpɪljən) /


a seat or place behind the rider of a motorcycle, scooter, horse, etc


on a pillionto ride pillion

Word Origin for pillion

C16: from Gaelic; compare Scottish pillean, Irish pillīn couch; related to Latin pellis skin
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kind of saddle, c.1500, of Celtic origin (cf. Irish pillin, Gaelic pillin), ultimately from Latin pellis "skin, pelt" (see film (n.)).

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