pillow fight


  1. a mock fight in which participants thump each other with pillows

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Example Sentences

The photograph was, in fact, a restaging of a real pillow fight that had broken out between the band members a few nights before.

Now, poking is reduced to a sort of cyber–pillow fight or –tickling match, most of the time between friends.

Feeling secure, our love of fun overcame weariness, and after a boisterous pillow-fight we strolled out on to the balcony again.

Then all the dolls ran to their beds and brought their pillows and had the jolliest pillow fight imaginable.

At that same time he knew Sir Frederick Leighton, and they once had a pillow fight!

Then would have ensued an old-fashioned pillow fight, had not Lucile suddenly bethought her that this was not their own home.

The boys were almost as good as they promised to be, not having any pillow fight.


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