/ pɪlz /

plural noun

  1. a slang word for testicles See testicle

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Example Sentences

He was prescribed a course of hormone pills that caused him to grow breasts and rendered him impotent.

Ten minutes after taking the pills, she reports that she “was really stoned, I mean, smashed.”

Death by pills or lethal injection might be unnatural, but she believes that declining nourishment and medications is not.

Refuting critics who say he is anti-contraception, Gardner is calling for over-the-counter sale of birth control pills.

All right, so we know that Loestrin and its ilk are, as Redmond terms it, “hair-unfriendly pills.”

And the Jenkins pills became famous precisely by reason of that lash of the whip which they gave to jaded existences.

The doctor was alone in it, and stood compounding pills behind the counter.

I never knew how I liked that part of my work till I had to come down to an exclusive practice in pills and plasters.

In this way, Mother H., your black-valley cake is almost as good as pills.

Croton oil and strychnine pills, that'll set me up in two weeks.





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