[ pilz-ber-ee, -buh-ree ]


  1. Charles Alfred, 1842–99, U.S. businessman.

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Example Sentences

Tosi’s brand has thrived on nods to Dairy Queen, Pillsbury’s Funfetti, and Nesquik.

From Eater

I remember badgering and badgering and badgering my mother to bring home from the grocery store some Pillsbury biscuits.

From Time

Of course, if it was such a turn-around, why did Pillsbury sell a company generating $242 million in sales for $40 million?

We called half a dozen ex-Pillsbury executives about these and other Cain questions and no one will answer them.

In 1982, Pillsbury sent him to take over 450 Burger King restaurants, many of which were underperforming.

Pillsbury played the bass viol, and once a week or so he and Penny got together and spent an entranced hour.

Time was when such meetings took place in Penny's room or in Pillsbury's room, but popular indignation put an end to that.

There seem none left but you and Parker Pillsbury to pour out your souls' dearest love in his memory.

But if it is Pillsbury, he better not go home lookin' like thet 'thout lettin' his wife know first.'

He shore is ther devil, fer he wears horns, an' hez a face exactly like thet o' ole man Pillsbury.


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