[ pahy-luh-kahr-peen, -pin, pil-uh- ]

  1. an oil or crystalline alkaloid, C11H16N2O2, obtained from jaborandi, and used chiefly to produce sweating, promote the flow of saliva, contract the pupil of the eye, and for glaucoma.

Origin of pilocarpine

1870–75; <New Latin Pilocarp(us) name of the genus of shrubs which includes jaborandi (<Greek pîlo(s) felt, wool or hair made into felt + -o--o- + -karpos-carp) + -ine1

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pilocarpin (ˌpaɪləʊˈkɑːpɪn)

/ (ˌpaɪləʊˈkɑːpaɪn, -pɪn) /

  1. an alkaloid extracted from the leaves of the jaborandi tree, formerly used to induce sweating. Formula: C 11 H 16 N 2 O 2

Origin of pilocarpine

C19: from New Latin Pilocarpus genus name, from Greek pilos hair + karpos fruit

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