pilot cloth

  1. a type of thick blue cloth used esp to make sailor's coats

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How to use pilot cloth in a sentence

  • He wore a thick coat of blue pilot-cloth, not because the July day was cold, but because it was his best coat.

    The Vultures | Henry Seton Merriman
  • He wore a pair of blue pilot cloth trousers, a vest with brass buttons and an old-fashioned swallow-tailed coat.

    A Voyage with Captain Dynamite | Charles Edward Rich
  • Two days after the Veteran was strolling along the quay in all the glory of white duck and blue pilot cloth.

    The Romance of the Coast | James Runciman
  • When he reaches the age of sixteen, the fisher-lad clothes himself in thick pilot-cloth and wears a braided cap on Sundays.

    The Romance of the Coast | James Runciman
  • He put on a coat of pilot cloth, unhooked the barometer, and stowed it away in a capacious pocket.

    South Sea Tales | Jack London