[ pim-ping ]


  1. petty; insignificant; trivial.
  2. British Dialect. puny; weak; sickly.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of pimping1

First recorded in 1680–90; origin uncertain

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Example Sentences

Charged with "aggravated pimping," Strauss-Kahn still faces trial in that case.

A crony named Tyrone “HK” McMillan faces even heavier time after being convicted last month of pimping underage girls.

Essentially, aggravated pimping is a worse version of pimping.

The former IMF head is set to go on trial for aggravated pimping.

These administrators and officials actually are giving pimping a bad name.

And philosophy is wont, in fact, not infrequently to convert itself into a kind of art of spiritual pimping.

I suppose that, during all that time I was a deceived husband and that Leonora was pimping for Edward.

Convert the brave honest officers of your navy into pimping tide-waiters and colony officers of the customs.

You say he is a pimping little devil, that is enough; I will soon make him give up the field, I will warrant you.

What shameful pimping to the whiffling understandings of the timid!