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  1. informal.
    1. a picture of a sexually attractive person, esp when partially or totally undressed
    2. ( as modifier )

      a pin-up magazine

  2. slang.
    a person who has appeared in such a picture
  3. a photograph of a famous personality
  4. modifier designed to be hung from a wall

    a pin-up lamp

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Example Sentences

The online community of tattooed pin-up models turned 13 this year.

In other news, black and white pin-up shots are now officially less valuable than life-size Tiger Beat tear outs.

Mona Charen, the conservative columnist, called her a “feminist pin-up girl”; Alan Dershowitz called her a “feminist Dirty Harry.”

In choosing to extend her pin up brand into the territory of the sacred mother, she has wandered into a storm of feminist ire.

The latest pictures confirm the latest evolution of Springsteen as pin-up.

Another carrying device was to pin up the bottom of our heavy army coat and put everything inside.

I want to wind a towel around my head, and pin up my skirt, and slosh around with a pail of hot, soapy water.

Vashti had kilted her gown higher and helped the two girls to pin up their short skirts.

When the proper quantity of blood has been extracted, remove the pressure, and as soon as the flow ceases, prepare to pin up.

In modern trephines this difficulty is got over by withdrawing the pin up the centre of the shaft.


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