/ (ˈpɪŋkəs) /

  1. Gregory Goodwin. 1903–67, US physiologist, whose work on steroid hormones led to the development of the first contraceptive pill

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How to use Pincus in a sentence

  • Pincus Lubliner, which honestly, Mr. Polatkin, there's nothing that feller wouldn't do—a regular Rosher if ever there was one.

    Elkan Lubliner, American | Montague Glass
  • Abe seized the glass of ice-water and flung its contents into Pincus Levin's face.

    Abe and Mawruss | Montague Glass
  • Pincus Levin nodded and shuffled off toward the back stairs, while Abe turned and gazed after him.

    Abe and Mawruss | Montague Glass
  • Abe looked helplessly at Morris and turned to Pincus Levin, who commenced to tremble violently.

    Abe and Mawruss | Montague Glass
  • Abe and Morris followed Pincus and the head cutter as they supported the half-conscious Harkavy into the firm's office.

    Abe and Mawruss | Montague Glass