Pine Barrens

  1. the, an extensive coastal region in S and SE New Jersey, composed chiefly of pine stands, sandy soils, and swampy streams. About 2,000 sq. mi. (5,180 sq. km).

  • Official name the Pine·lands [pahyn-luhndz] /ˈpaɪn ləndz/ .

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How to use Pine Barrens in a sentence

  • The rest of the party now came up, and soon after, the visitors took leave; Winthrop rode back across the pine-barrens to Gracias.

    East Angels | Constance Fenimore Woolson
  • Do you call it occupied to be galloping over the Pine Barrens in every direction, and stopping at East Angels?

    East Angels | Constance Fenimore Woolson