Pine Bluff


  1. a city in central Arkansas, on the Arkansas River.

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Example Sentences

She and her husband moved the kids away from Pine Bluff, hoping to start over, but no one in the family, especially Desmond, has escaped the trauma.

Daylon’s shooting in Pine Bluff drew only fleeting attention beyond Arkansas, but at his school, the impact was immediate and immense.

Daylon, the oldest of Lee’s seven kids, was a star athlete who hoped to play professional football when he grew up, but also joined the school’s Junior ROTC program, determined to escape Pine Bluff.

“We knew what we were doing was right,” June Freeman said in an interview this week, recalling the criticism she and her husband received from others in Pine Bluff.

Little Rock and Pine Bluff are solidly progressive, as is Fayetteville—home to the state’s flagship university and its largest Pride parade.

Mr. Wright, whose family owns farmland outside Pine Bluff, won his claim.

After dark another rebel regiment arrived from Pine Bluff, marched right in, and was also made prisoners.

One of my brothers, six years older than me, come up here to Pine Bluff to jine the Yankees.

The first thing I remember was that they were picking cotton in Pine Bluff or near there.

My father's other children jess somewhar down round Pine Bluff.

He went back to Pine Bluff and was killed by a train when he was crossing a trestle.





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